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DPS Vadodara win nervous Gujarat battle
WINNER: Delhi Public School Harni ,Vadodara: Aditya K and Ms.Shubhangi P
RUNNER UP: Navrachana International School,Vadodara: Jaiman.K and Ishan.P

The Gujarat edition of TCS IT Wiz was a huge hit with schools from as many as 18 cities outside of Ahmedabad turning out for the event. A city that is known for the quality of the teams that play here and being the current national champion state, they sure knew the bar would be higher. The not so easy prelim led to six schools making it to the final.

Prakash Hr.Sec.School: Reuben George and Maalav Mehta
New Era Sr.Sec.School, Vadodara: Vaibhav B and Jeet Shah
H.B Kapadia New High School: Dhyan Thakkar and Vivek Thobhani
St. Kabir School,Vadodara: Krish Shah and Travon Bhagat
Delhi Public School, Vadodara: Aditya K and Ms. Shubhangi P
Navrachana International School,Vadodara: Jaiman K and Ishan P

The quiz hosted by the famous quiz host Pickbrain was tense from the word go. In the early rounds, most teams went ahead but with caution. As the quiz kept moving one question at a time, the tension mounted as DPS established a slender lead over the other teams which kept bouncing back. The teams from Navrachana and Prakash High School did well, in bursts, but could not find one or two more answers that would have helped them cross DPS.

Four teams looked in the battle for the top sport and it was on the final question that DPS went through winning their maiden title. Navrachana finished runner on a tiebreaker, while being the youngest team on stage.

The chief guest Mr. Narasimha Komar (IPS), IG Planning and Modernisation, Gujarat Police appreciated the quiz and the high standards stating “The future of the nation is secure, with you youngsters”, while Ms. Namrata Somani, Head TCS Gujarat, spoke of how the quiz helps schools connect with technology beyond their classrooms.

Champions : Delhi Public School,Vadodara: Aditya K and Ms.Shubhangi P

Runner Up : Navrachana International School,Vadodara: Jaiman.K and Ishan.P